Being an entrepreneur, husband, father and professional business coach is a powerful combination. Having ‘been there, felt it and gone through the joys of the highs the loneliness of the lows’. I understand entrepreneurial organizations because I once was one too which makes what I bring to the relationship ‘unique’ in understanding you, I bring objectivity, acumen and perspective. Having won Montreal’s ‘TOP 15 Employers by Medicorp for 2 consecutive years, I built, led and sold my companies serving the Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products Goods and Retail Organizations (b2b2c).

Georges Haddad

Georges has helped me succeed in 3 fundamental areas; He’s coached me to work on the business and to get out of the day-to-day operations, he’s facilitated growth in my Leadership Team’s through tackling difficult discussions that have resulted in a higher level of trust amongst themselves and has taught us the power of the EOS processes and tools to implement EOS throughout our company. As a result, every individual in our company is now working closer together to execute the vision and objectives of the company. Georges passion for helping us succeed is motivating – he truly cares. His experience as an entrepreneur allows him to help us navigate through the issues and avoid getting stuck.

Rich MarchettiRich Marchetti, CMA CPA, President Transcona Roofing

Georges approach in implementing EOS is incredibly thought-provoking. He is passionate, committed, and sincerely cares to teach & guide our Leadership Team. He has made us realize our potential, has us thinking out-of-the-box, and keeps us focused. Most importantly, he listens, questions, and challenges our Leadership Team and brings his experience and perspective to this relationship. As a direct result, we have a more cohesive team producing double-digit growth.

Mitchell K. Goldberg, Founder & CEO, SURGMED Group of Companies

Georges has positively impacted me as a leader and has taught my leadership team to become more accountable to themselves and as a team. He has guided us to stay on track and keep us going in the right direction. EOS is exactly what our organization needed to help us become stronger as a team and organization. The leadership team is adopting the process and has rolled out EOS to every team at every level at Patriot. It’s a great feeling watching every individual at Patriot Ambulance going in the same direction to provide the best service to our clients and grow our business.

Jeff YorkeJeff Yorke, President and Founder – Patriot Ambulance Service

Georges helped guide us to a better version of us as a Leadership Team. Accountability to one another has made every individual of Surgmed “up their game” and it’s great to see the company moving forward.

His confidence, passion and patience has steered us in the right direction where we now have clear objectives and deadlines in which to execute these in. Having rolled out EOS with regular company communications has motivated and engaged all the employees at Surgmed.

Suzy Bairos, Vice President, Surgmed


I teach Entrepreneur’s, CEO’s and Leadership Teams how to use and adopt a comprehensive proven process and tools to:

  1. Get your company 100% on the same page with where you are going, and how you are going to get there
  2. Help your leadership team become more disiplined and accountable
  3. Build a heathly, cohesive, funtional leadership team to execute on your vision
Learn about the EOS® Entrepreneurial Operating System®


  1. I am an entrepreneur myself. I’ve lived it first-hand having built 2 start-ups and sold 1 to a publicly traded company — the highs are high and the lows are both low and lonely. I’ve borrowed millions of dollars and paid it back. I’ve hired great people and unfortunately had to let some go. I know what it is to feel trapped by my own business. It’s not fun. I know the importance of a healthy, cohesive leadership team to ensure the entire organization is on the same page. I’ve been there, and get your world.
  2. Having used similar management tools and different coaches with different approaches, The Entrepreneurial Operating System® – reduces the complexity and is simplistic with the – HOW TO – use and adopt these management tools. It’s a comprehensive process with clearly defined proven steps that strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your organization. Like a human body, each muscle group needs attention and strength in order to function.
  3. Having been on the client side and having used many coaches, I have a full 360° understanding of your frustrations, stresses and what keeps you up at night. I am your sounding board.
  4. I bring objectivity, authenticity, experience and commitment in helping your Leadership team to successfully implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in your organization.
  5. The EOS® Worldwide designations and mastery program for Professional Implementors ensures – training is up-to-date, things stay fresh and follow strict guidelines to maintain designations. EOS® implementors must follow a mastery program to maintain designations ensuring our training is up-to-date and things always stay fresh. EOS® implementors are carefully selected and must follow a master program to maintain their designations.


I teach, facilitate and coach you and your leadership team – THE HOW – to implement and adopt the Entrepreneur Operating System®. I love success and bring passion, authenticity and motivation to you and your leadership team through the EOS® process. Session fees are at a fixed-rate for the entire duration of our relationship and sessions are guaranteed to bring value to you and your leadership team or you don’t pay.

The results and benefits is a leadership team building growing and fostering trust, transparency and Traction®. Every team-member is aligned as to where the organization is going and how it will get there. As goes your leadership team – so does the rest of your organization. I bring out the best in leadership teams, helping them focus on the greater good of the organization.

Learn about the EOS® Entrepreneurial Operating System®

The principal benefits of EOS® – Entrepreneurial Operating System®

  1. It strengthens the Six Key Components™ of your organization with time-proven tools and proven process promoting discipline, accountability and transparency within your leadership team.
  2. I teach you and your leadership team how to use and adopt the process and tools, and you run with it. I’m always there if you have any questions, but the goal is your complete operational independence. It does not create a dependence on my on-going services.
  3. Teach, use & adopt to practice to obtain progess leading to perfection.
  4. Calling out the tough issues to resolve them.

What is EOS® and the Entrepreneurial Operating System®

Many Entrepreneurs and CEO’s building and leading a company – at some time – feel a:

  • lack of control
  • lack of focus
  • lack of accountability
  • lack of discipline

You and your leadership team are frustrated, you’ve hit a ceiling, you’re spinning your wheels and communication seems poor. You need to work ‘ON’ the business vs ‘IN’ the business. You want to grow and bring your organization to the next level. The Entrepreneurial Operating System® strengthens the Six Key Components™ of your business with time-proven tools. It’s tools and process are comprehensive and build discipline, accountability and transparency. A culture is adopted; where the attention goes, energy flows and what gets measured – gets done.

The results will lead to a healthier, functional and cohesive leadership team, providing them Traction® to get the things that need to get done.

As goes your leadership team – so does the rest of your organization. Every person in your organization will be made to understand the vision, buy into the vision, and know what their role is in making your vision a reality.